We recognize the importance of protecting yourpersonal informationand complywiththe LawConcerning the Protectionof Personal Information(hereinafterreferred to as the "Personal InformationProtectionAct"), and also complywiththe following privacypolicy("This PrivacyPolicy), We will strive forappropriate handling andprotection.

1. Definitionof personal information

Inthisprivacypolicy, personal informationmeans personal informationdefinedbyArticle 2, Paragraph1 of the Personal InformationProtectionLaw, that is, informationonliving individuals, including the name, date of birthand otherinformation contained inthe informationThose who canidentifya specific individual bydescriptionorthe like (including those that canbe easilycollated withotherinformation, therebyenabling identificationof a specific individual), orpersonal identificationcode As well as otherinformation.

2. Purpose of using personal information

Thisshopwill use yourpersonal informationforthe following purposes.
(1) Toprovide thisshopservice
(2) To respond toourshopservice inquiries, inquiriesetc.
(3) Forthe purpose of guiding products, services etc. of thisshop
(4) To respond toactsinviolationof thisshop's termsof service, policiesetc. (hereinafterreferred to as"contracts, etc.") concerning thisshopservice
(5) Inordertonotifythe change etc. of the contract etc. concerning thisshopservice
(6) Tomake use of thisshopservice improvement, development of newservices, etc.
(7) Inconnectionwiththisshopservice, inordertoprepare statistical data processed into anunidentifiable form
(8) Otherforthe purpose accompanying the above purpose of use

3. Changing the purpose of using personal information

Thisshopsometimeschangesthe purpose of using personal informationwithinthe range reasonablyacceptable ashaving relevance, and incase of change, notifyorannounce tocustomers.

4. Restrictions onthe use of personal information

Except aspermittedbythe Personal InformationProtectionLawand otherlawsand regulations, this shopwill not handle personal informationbeyond the scope necessaryforachieving the purpose of use without obtaining the consent of the customer. However, inthe following casesthisisnot the limit.
(1) Based onlawsand ordinances
(2) Whenit is necessarytoprotect the life, bodyorpropertyof a person, and it is difficult to obtainthe consent of the customer
(3) Whenit is particularlynecessaryforimproving public healthorpromoting the sound development of children, and it is difficult toobtainthe consent of the customer
(4) Incases where it isnecessaryfora national agency, a local public entityora personreceiving a consignment to cooperate infulfilling the affairs prescribedbylaws and regulations, byobtaining the consent of the customer, the executionof said affairs Whenthere isa riskof interfering with

5. Properacquisitionof personal information

Thisshopacquirespersonal informationproperly, it doesnot acquire it byfalselyotherillegal means.

6. Safetymanagement of personal informationn

Thisshopwill supervise the employeesof thisshopasnecessaryandproperlyso that safetymanagement of personal informationcanbe aimed at riskssuchasloss, destruction, falsificationand leakage of personal information. Inaddition, inthe case of consigning all ora part of the handling of personal information, ourshopwill conduct necessaryand appropriate supervisionso that the consigned companycanensure the safetymanagement of personal information.

7. Third PartyProvision

Inadditionto cases where disclosure is permitted underthe Personal InformationProtectionAct orotherlaws and regulations, we will not provide personal informationtothird parties without priorconsent fromcustomers. However, the following casesdonot fall underthe provisiontothe third partyspecified inthe above.
(1) Whenpersonal informationisprovided inaccordancewith entrusting all ora part of the handling of personal information withinthe range that thisshopis required forattaining purpose of use
(2) Personal informationisprovided asa result of business successiondue tomergerorotherreasons
(3) Shared use based onthe provisions of the Personal InformationProtectionAct

8. Disclosure of personal information

Thisshop, uponrequest fromthe customerto disclose personal informationbased onthe provisionof the Personal InformationProtectionLaw, afterconfirming that it isa request fromthe customerhim/ herself, disclose tothe customer without delay(We will notifyyouwhenthe relevant personal informationdoesnot exist.) However, unless the shop is obliged todisclose bythe Personal InformationProtectionAct orotherlaws, thisis not the case.

9. Correctionof personal information

Inthe case that the customerrequested correction, addition ordeletion(hereinafterreferred toas"correctionetc.") of the contentsbased onthe provisions of the Personal Information ProtectionAct due to the reasonthat the personal informationis not true fromthe customer, Afterconfirming that it isa request fromthe customerhimself, conduct necessaryinvestigation without delaywithinthe range necessaryforachieving the purpose of use, correct the contents of personal information, etc. based onthe result , I will notifyyoutothat effect (we will notifyyouto that effect whenwe make a decisionnot tomake correctionsetc.). However, unless the shop is obliged to correct suchas bythe Personal InformationProtectionAct orother laws and regulations, thisisnot the case.

10. Suspensionof use of personal information, etc.

Thisshopis designed toprotect customers 'personal informationfromreasonsthat customers' personal informationhasbeen handledbeyond the scope of the previouslypublished purpose of use orbecause it wasacquiredbyfalselyotherillegal means Inthe event that youare requested tosuspend oreliminate itsuse (hereinafterreferred toas"suspensionof use, etc.") based onthe provisionsof the law, if it isfound that there is a reasonforthe request, the customerAfterconfirming that it isa request, we will suspend the use of personal informationwithout delayand notifythe customertothat effect. However, unless the shopis obliged to suspend the use, etc. bythe Personal InformationProtectionAct or otherlaws and regulations, thisis not the case.

11. Use of cookies and othertechnologies

The service of thisshopmayuse cookie and similartechnology. These technologies are useful forgrasping the usage status of this shop's service bythisshopand contribute toimproving the service. Users whowant todeactivate cookiescaninvalidate cookies bychanging the web browsersettings. However, if cookies are invalidated, some functions of ourshopservice may not be available.

12. Inquiries

Forinquiries concerning requestsfordisclosure, etc., opinions, questions, complaintsinquiriesand otherhandling of personal information, please contact the contact in"Notationbased onSpecified Commercial Transactions Law" of this shop or contact the shoppage Please inquire fromthe inquiryform.

13. Continuousimprovement

Thisshopwill reviewthe operationstatus regarding the handling of personal informationasnecessaryand strive for continuousimprovement andmay change this privacypolicyas necessary.