About BBI facilities for international guests

Own location: Zushi, Kanagawa prefecture
Site area: 1,800 square meters. Purpose of use: Eco event, Guesthouse management for international guests, WWOOF JAPAN 'HOST.Details can be viewed on june,2018by AIRBNB or etc.


From May 2018
The guesthouse named BBI (in Zushi City )has began officially accepting WWOOFers as host.

What is WWOOF?

WWOOF is a means to make friends, and to share and exchange with them.
Hosts give WWOOFers meals, accommodation and social engagement, in return for which WWOOFers help Hosts with what they do at their place.

It's simple. You give what you have, and you receive what you don't have.
There is no money paid between Hosts and WWOOFers.
Both Hosts and WWOOFers undertake to support each other, like friends and extended family do.