We sympathize with fair trade whose were respected in all products.
Therefore, our consumers might be building environmental conservation by obtaining our eco friendly products.
Custom ordered available;NATURAL CRYSTAL -Carving, Hand-sculpture/Myanmar ruby, sapphire, emerald jewelry painting/Reproduction of Ukiyo-e prints/UV glasses of bamboo material,Japanese traditional crafts ETC..

Something that a natural crystal cleanses

It uses natural crystal with high transparency as raw material. That is the smallest art of the world. By skilled craftsmen, hand carving one month over a month.

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Reduction of skin friction given by bamboo

Bamboo of anti-allergic material, UV 400 lens technology by 3D laser cutting. A new discovery that there are no joints in this lens. Engraved logo bambbr /oo case.<> Fusion of fashion and environmental conservation: All hand made.

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Myanmar gemstone paintings: tradition of court art

The enchanting jewelry painting uses only natural pyroxene. It involves time and advanced skill to get distracted. Everything is handmade. The design will correspond to your customization. Portraits, pet pictures, family photos etc.