Description of Business

  • Management consultancy
  • Organic products, food, health food, cosmetics, herbal, mineral raw materials, beauty equipment, medical equipment, sales and export business such as health appliances
  • Management of dissemination training and Japanese school of Japanese education
  • Search for overseas companies and planning
  • Fund management, and consulting on asset management
  • Trade and trade consulting
  • Planning of international cultural exchange and various events, management
  • Overseas travel, and business planning of domestic travel, mediation, about mediation
  • Advertising agency business
  • Operations under management contract for NPO or NGO
  • Design and design office business
  • Real estate buying and selling, management, brokerage and leasing
  • Planning and development production for Internet web content
  • Internet server brokerage
  • Internet information services and mail order
  • Translation and interpreting industry
  • Staffing Industry
  • Consulting of Rare violin
  • Before any business incidental to each item

The 4 key elements of Miletusthales

point 1.   Consultation for companies

(for NPO, Foundation, Institute, general corporate)

Agency services originating overseas providing SNS Other language translation and interpretation introduction (55 countries) and various website surverys for overseas(research) business.

Matching on behalf of partner countries for Public application procedures and paperwork behalf of partner countries PR strategy building and marketing in the partner country Acting bidirectional attract business Japan during the visit guidance schedule adjustment and arrange Social Contribution type and environmental protection type (eco) Product research and development.

point 2.   Concierge Services for foreign visitors

(1) Advanced medical and beauty assessment

(Native interpreter available)

We have an area network specializing in advanced technology.

  • •Cell Bank
  • •Thyroid treatment
  • •Brain scan.
  • •Genetics weight loss
  • •Skin regenerative medicine.
  • •Medical checkup half day course
  • •Systemic cancer test MRI, DWI + brain MRA
  • •Prostate + tumor markers (PSA)
  • •Prostate (3 Tesla MRS with) blood test (PSA)
  • •Alzheimer's Risk Survey (VSRAD)
  • •Lung CT
  • •AGA
  • •High concentration vitamin etc....

(2) The appreciation of the Japanese art

(Native interpreter available)

Dedicated service for foreign tourists. We will take you to the gallery and our interpreter will guide you. Japanese art (antiques, paintings, calligraphy) for your valuable shopping. Mainly focusing on Buddhist art, the gallery also deals with folding screens, hanging scrolls, ceramics, and other crafts.

(3) Real estate investment

(Native interpreter availabler)

Our interprester that specializes in the investment of rare property will guide you.
(Minatoku, Chuoku, Shibuyaku, Shinjukuku, Meguroku, such as condominiums Hokkaido, Hakone. Izu villa, etc.)

point 3.   Consultation for international students and foreign workers

(Mental support, workshops, housing and dormitory introduction)

Experienced counselors that can provide professional psychological counseling in English.
We are also support regular contracts for Japanese companies.
Depression and discrimination measures support SOS hotline for foreigners, mental check and counseling, health diagnosis and stress check Room matching Job hunting matching.

*Introduction by Dr. Richter:
Japanese, English, German Counseling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.
Qualified by The Japanese Psychological Association Certified Psychologist Children’s counselor NLP Coaching Selfsupport Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association Certified Psychologist.

point 4.   Consulting service for rare violins

We provide a wide collection of rare violins.(ANTONIO STRADIVARI ,GUARNERI DEL GESU etc)
Please contact us by email below.