About bambooism

The droplet infection prevention
by Bambooism's Pico-technology -washable Masks

Fabric Bambooism made by 100% bamboo fiber.

Pure natural environment, healthy and comfortable, all processes are eco friendly. Bambooism helps better protect from and resist bacteria. 99.9% antibacterial rate. Special internal structure of bamboo with strong absorption capability. Ability to absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and toluene. Its moisture and air permeability, such as ammonia. In addition, it has a different technology ability.
It’s great anti-­ultraviolet radition and health care is also referred to as a breathable fiber.

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Standard type deodorant antibacterial
Grade 5 JISL0849 friction test
Grade 5 JISL0848 Aseshimi test
Test class 5 dirty laundry
0.05 of absorbance difference JISL1041
Rayon mixing ratio JISL10302100%
(100% bamboo fiber is specified as external)
Effect of hyperthermia Yes: thermography inspection
(14.3%, after 60 minutes residual moisture) Yes, quickdrying:
drying test (cotton versus
380V): part of the test charge

Type breathable Water­repellent JISL10923.3.4 (class) Method 205.8 JISL1096A breathability Formaldehyde formalin test 0.00 If people do not meet the bamboo, Past or present, bamboo remain as bamboo
MILETUSTHALES Co., LTD is a Japanese & foreign govermental project and educational institution playing an important role acting mainly as a bridge between NGO and NPO.
As a result, it developed a patent for nursing domestic and foreign products.
Bambooism is used to provide medical treatment employing a mild new material. Clinical trials have been conducted to advance the product.
No artificial or harmful processes are used.
First sound sleep guaranteed to help overcome the stress of society.
Mask to protect yourself from nosocomial infection. To be worn on the human body and environmentally friendly.
We do not test products on animals.

As a contribution to society, Bambooism researches and develops products for patients with allergies, and atopic disease patients with insomnia. Bambooism video from YouTube (by Irish filmmaker).