Bambooism sales MeHow Masks Soft Cotton Fish
Bone Windproof Anti-dust Haze Six-layer Silicone Composite
Nose Filter Washable Cotton Mouth Masks
with Replaceable Filter (1 Mask + 2 Filters).

Suitable for Most People - Ideal mask for people at risk of respiratory diseases, living in or travelling to areas with high air pollution levels.
Medical Filtration Technology - Lab tested Medical Composite filtration technology in 6 layers of filters and high-tech liquid silicone, High Protection against gases, smells, all PM; PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen, smoke and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

Durable and Comfortable Material - Our super leading anti- pollution mask comes with liquid silicone in all round sealing feature to perfectly fit for face shape, and durable adjustable silicone straps, makes it in high top-rated quality,suits for travel and sport, especially to ,some area of USA,China or India.

Rational design for Breathing Valve - Exhale, automatically open the valve, gas masks discharged smoothly. Inhale, the valve automatically closes to prevent the harmful gas into the mask.It helps to breathe smoothly, glasses do not fog up.

Wonderful Fashionable Design - Fashionable design with top-rated silicon material makes mask Chic and Distinctive, Practical for the Youth and Adult, Delicate Packagingbr including 1 mask and filter,makes it perfect choice for Business or Festival Gift!

What is the MeHow Mask?

The MeHow Mask uses Medical grade filtration technology with 6 layers of composite filters to filter out nearly 100% of particulate pollution, gases, as well as bacteria and viruses in a fashion friendly mask, suitable for the Youth and Adults . In the face of the increasingly serious air pollution and environment problem, What for me and How to breathe with clean air ? we simplify it to "MeHow", Our mask will tell you the answer !

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Independently Lab Tested

The filters used in the MeHow Mask meet the KN95 standard (higher than KN90). This is a Chinese Government specification for pollution masks. And we also have tested MeHow Masks with Labs, it has been confirmed nearly 100% of particulate pollution, bacteria and viruses were successfully filtered when tested. We have also tested to meet the standards for USA N90 and Korean Food and Drug Administration requirements. The masks use a six-layer filter system which will protect from a range of airborne contaminants.

Test Performance:

99.6% average filtration of viruses
99.77% average filtration of bacterias
99.7% average particulate filtration down to 0.3 microns

A unique layers filter system.

The mask uses a unique Six layers filter system(much more than three layers! ). The First three layers - Skin friendly polyester layer, Anti dust cotton and Spray layer, catches larger pollution particles such as dust and PM10, followed by the Three-Ply Micro Particulate Filter which stops nearly 100% of smaller particulate matter such as PM2.5 and PM0.3. The Fourth and Fifth filtration layers – HV electrostatic cotton and Antibacterial layer are made from a 100% pure activated carbon cloth, which was for chemical, biological and nuclear warfare protection. The carbon filter is also treated with silver to ensure almost 100% of harmful pathogens are removed and killed. The last filter - Skin friendly polyester layer system allows the MeHow Mask to perform better.

Who is the MeHow Mask for?

Anyone exposed to urban environments with high air pollution levels – any big city often has higher air pollution. You can find a number of apps and websites to tell you the air quality in your area.
People who are seeking fashion sense and different outlook, Mehow masks make fashion sense and high quality coexisting, nothing could be more than fashionable to use it as fashionable item and business or Festival Gift!
People are in at risk groups for respiratory disease, including children, elderly, pregnant women and those with existing respiratory conditions.
Asthmatics and allergy sufferers including Hay Fever.
Outdoor sports enthusiast Hobbyists and DIY such as woodworking and sanding.
Anyone travelling to regions known for poor air quality such as China and India.
Anyone seeking protection from airborne irritants such as Dust and Mould.

How long does the MeHow Mask last for?

The mask filter, it can be used for 100 - 200 hours on average depending on the level of pollution it is used in. For the average customer this is around around 1 months of use, then you could replace it. The mask can be hand washed with Soap and hot water, however this will not extend the life of the filters. Once the mask is past its useful life a new mask is needed.

How to tell the mask filter need to be replaced?

Generally, there are 2 aspects to know whether you need to replace the filter core: the first way is to observe with your eyes, when the white filter is obviously get yellow, you need to change it; the second way is about respiratory resistance, if you feel the significant increase in respiratory resistance for the filter, please change it in time.