Competition with Seoulmode Fashion Institute

The Mask design Competition 2018,
The Special prize student is Mr. Jeong Jin-ho.(SMFI)Congratulations!!

Bambooism meets Korean fashion.
The student’s Design Competition 2018 is running,
great thanks to the cooperation of SMFI


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What's SMFI?

Mecca of fashion, boulevard campus in Kangnam
The environment creates talent. In the boulevards of the world's leading fashion companies, SMFI meets famous designers on a daily basis and feel the rich design information directly face to face.It is a tree-lined campus with the best trend setters.
Practical-oriented fashion specialization education
Through the practical fashion-oriented professional education, SMFI enhances the capacity of individual students and further strengthen the vocational education system to advance to fashion profession.
Korean Domestic TOP Designer Cricity Class
The graduate creations are taught by renowned fashion designers and modelists active in the field of fashion industry, creating excellent works that harmonize students' creative personality with the professionalism of the production designer.
Industry-academy cooperation internship
Every year, summer students take a field work experience in a fashion company in Korea twice a year in the winter vacation season, and learn a lesson in a school class and build a career ahead of them.
Operate a wide range of scholarships
SMFI offers a wide range of scholarships to help over 30% of students enrolled in our program, including dormitory support for local students, and overseas study abroad programs to encourage overseas study, and SMFI is expanding our coverage to more people .
System for successful employment, study, transfer
SMFI provides employment information tailored to individual students by co-teaching professors and job centers. For the students who are preparing for studying abroad, there is a counseling program for professors from overseas famous fashion schools and a support system for domestic university transfer.
Thorough academic management through 1: 1 homeroom teacher system
Students can meet their professors at any time, as well as regular counseling.
Bachelor's management and career guidance tailored to each student's characteristics.